JPL Employees Support Fellow Military Veterans at Citrus Community College

Bastion JPL Vets Discussion Panel

JPL Vets discussion panel (L – R: Army, Marine, Marine, Air Force). The Army and both Marines were wounded combat Vets that served in Afghanistan.

JPL News – Pasadena, California
November 2023

JPL military veterans, including Bastion’s Donavin Savella, volunteered their time at a Veterans Day career event, through the Veterans Success Center at Citrus Community College near Pasadena, California. The JPL Vets took part in a discussion panel to help answer and address issues and concerns of our fellow Vets that have gone through transition from the military back to civilian life.

JPL Vets was established for the expressed purpose of uniting currently serving military members, veterans, and supporters with each other and with the JPL/Caltech community by promoting a positive social environment, creating a cohesive identity for veterans, and enhancing undergraduate life and education through social activities and professional development.

The mission of the Veterans Success Center is to assist student veterans in achieving their educational and professional goals by removing barriers they may face when transitioning to civilian life, student life, or acclimating to the academic culture. The center also strives to empower student veterans and provide them with the skills necessary to compete globally.

Learn more about the Veterans Success Center.