Safety and Mission Assurance

Bastion’s Safety and Mission Assurance services encompass all aspects of flight and ground systems safety, reliability, maintainability, risk, and quality assurance. Bastion engineers are experts in applying industry techniques and using analysis to provide solutions for our customers’ safety and mission assurance goals.

Areas of Expertise

Integrated Safety Solutions

  • System Safety

  • Facility Safety

  • Quality Inspection

  • Range Safety

  • Flight Safety


Safety, Reliability and Maintainability (SRM)

  • Engineering

  • Predictions (MTBF/MTTR, FMEA, FTA, PRA, CIL)

  • Design trade-offs based on SRM considerations;

  • Design for Minimum Risk

  • Maintainability, logistics and support approach


Occupational Safety, Health, and Industrial Hygiene


Mission Assurance

  • Quality Engineering

  • Quality Assurance

  • Software Quality Assurance