Products for Project Efficiency

Bastion's highly skilled research team continually strives to develop products and software to enhance project efficiency for aerospace, oil, gas & energy, and information technology industries. The following products and software are proudly promoted by Bastion:

Enterprise Platform for Integrated Contracting Systems (EPICS)


An Easy and Affordable Business Management Solution

The Enterprise Platform for Integrated Contracting Systems (EPICS) manages complex business information. With highly customizable features, EPICS provides financial and contractual solutions without boundaries... Learn more



A Subsea Well Intervention Solution

The IntrSeptr (Intervention Separator) is a system designed to intervene during a catastrophic situation on a deepwater drilling platform... Learn more



Advanced Subsea Solution

High reliability, performance, and power are key features of this custom-built SureShear... Learn more

Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers

Warehouse to Rig to Warehouse Drilling Equipment Storage Solutions

Stackable containers in a variety of sizes, for water-tight protection of valuable off-shore assets... Learn more