NASA and Bastion: A History of Collaboration

NASA Artemis I Launch

MSFC News – Huntsville, Alabama
November 2023

NASA and Bastion: A Collaboration History of Space Exploration and Mission Safety

In conjunction NASA Hispanic Heritage month, the NASA Office of Small Business Programs recently featured Bastion Technologies in a news article highlighting the Hispanic-owned company’s extensive collaboration with NASA to advance deep space exploration and ensure mission safety.

The article detailed Bastion’s long history of support of NASA MSFC’s role in design and analysis, systems engineering, and safety and mission assurance for the International Space Station, Space Shuttle, and Artemis programs. Also noted was Bastion’s continued support for both crewed and uncrewed flight systems at other NASA centers such as Stennis Space Center, Ames Research Center, Glenn Research Center, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

In the article, Jorge Hernandez, the CEO of Bastion Technologies Inc. shared how his unique identity as a Hispanic professional continues to influence his daily work with NASA and Bastion in profound ways.

“Growing up in a culturally rich and diverse background, I have brought a unique perspective to problem-solving and teamwork. I’ve learned to adapt to different challenges and appreciate the value of diversity in the workplace,” says Hernandez.

“Bastion’s journey supporting NASA has been deeply influenced by my heritage, which has driven our company to excel and promote diversity within the agency. Bastion is proud to contribute to NASA’s mission and play our part in advancing our understanding of the universe.” – Jorge Hernandez

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