How Can EPICS Benefit My Company?

Probably the most important question. The Enterprise Platform for Integrated Contracting Systems (EPICS) is designed to manage complex business information and streamline management processes. With highly customizable and secure features, EPICS provides financial and contractual solutions without boundaries. EPICS is a web based, enterprise wide tool that will revolutionize your contract management process, and is suitable for both business and government organizations.

Is there an online demo for EPICS Contract Management Software?
Yes, we offer a full featured demo live and online. Please contact us to gain access to the EPICS Demo.

What databases are utilized for EPICS?
EPICS is a Web Based service and can support any Database system through ODBC. EPICS is designed using .Net and can support many databases including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.

Is EPICS hosted by Bastion Technologies or installed on our organization’s servers?
EPICS can be installed on your company’s servers.

Does EPICS integrate with other software?
Yes, EPICS is capable of integrating with various types of software and web based services including Deltek Costpoint, Peachtree, QuickBooks, Maximo and Microsoft SharePoint.

How will I receive updates to the software if it is installed on our server?
We will provide updates within EPICS Software to the administrator on a CD.

Do you customize EPICS per client requirements?
EPICS can be customized to fit the requirements and needs of your organization.

Does EPICS support automatic e-mail alerts?
Yes, EPICS includes an e-mail alert module based on workflow assignment. Each contract can have unlimited alerts to notify the chosen users of contract events and milestones. EPICS has the ability to define standard alerts based on department, contract type and status.

Do we have the ability to attach document images to the contracts?
Yes, EPICS tracks all modifications to the contract. Multiple files and images can be uploaded to the contracts using various formats.

Is there any training offered?
We provide training to new customers and we also provide very detailed user guides as well.