Operational Success of EPICS at the NBL/Space Vehicle Mockup Facility Operations Contract

Operational Success of EPICS Contract Management Software

Raytheon NSOC Contract

EPICS was implemented on the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory/Space Vehicle Mockup Facility Operations Contract (NSOC) by Raytheon in 2010 and is currently used as their primary Performance Evaluation Tool to accurately report contract performance.


The Johnson Space Center (JSC) Engineering Directorate Configuration Management (EDCM) contract uses EPICS to provide cost and schedule reports on a monthly basis to the customer. In a recent performance evaluation, the customer listed EPICS as “an innovation” for the contract.

Craig Technologies Contracts

EPICS was implemented for Craig Technologies in 2011 to manage several of their contracts.

Goddard Space Flight Center Contract

EPICS was called out as a strength in the Mechanical Systems Engineering Services II/B source selection letter by the Goddard Space Flight Center in 2007. Our management uses EPICS to track 85 task orders. Using EPICS, the contract 533s are accurate and on time and all requests for task order proposals are uploaded into the GSFC Task Order Management System (TOMS) on-time or early. EPICS assists in ensuring outstanding cost control and the ability to know precisely the staging of each task.