Bastion SMAS Interns Attend RS-25 Engine Test at Stennis

Bastion Interns View RS-25 Engine Test

RS-25 engine test at Stennis Space Center. Bastion Interns pictured left to right: Padilla Arreola, Chandler Bryant, Victoria Fontenot, Ashley Benton, Ashlyn Krupp, Christian Williams, Adam Short, Kelly Wessler (Celerapro), Jason Karnes, Ja’rae Raymond (QD32), and Halle Woods.

SSC News – Mississippi
November 2023

Bastion Safety and Mission Assurance Serices (SMAS) interns had a bird’s eye view from the A1 Test stand of the SLS RS-25 Engine test at Stennis Space Center (SSC), pictured above. After the Engine test, the group toured the Michoud Assembly Facility (MAF) in New Orleans, LA. to view where the SLS Core Stages are being assembled. Many thanks to SMA’s Corey Harrell and Bastion’s Tab Choate for hosting the trip.