Bastion Instrumental Part of Test Operations In Preparation for the Artemis II Mission 

KSC News – Cape Canaveral, Florida
February 2023

Recently, Bastion personnel were an instrumental part of the NBL team in the test operations in preparation for the Artemis II mission. This series of diving/swimming operations is a subset of Exploration Ground Support (EGS’s) Verification and Validation (V&V) campaign designed to gain approval for Open-Ocean Crew Module Test Article (CMTA) Operations. These operations have been identified as necessary to allow EGS’s Open Water Lead to evaluate the CMTA in a semi-controlled open-water environment. Specific operations scoped for this set of evaluations consist of seaworthiness, watertight integrity of both Outer Mold Line (OML) and Inner Mold Line (IML) in Stable-I, II & III orientations, stability in Stable-I & II orientations, towing stability and capabilities, Open-water Ground Support Equipment (GSE) interfacing, Docking & Side Hatch functionality, administrative rotation to/from Stable-II, and Manual Uprighting operations (MUPS). Read the Florida news article…

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